Rest-a-Phone frees the most important hands in the world ... yours!

For four generations, our telephone shoulder rests have been improving the lives of professionals. Now, take home the "Rolls Royce" of the telephone industry!

Buy Phone Shoulder Rest In Classic Black

Since 1946 ...

Since 1946 ...

Our telephone shoulder rests have been improving the lives of anyone with neck, shoulder, or back pain. The ergonomic design keeps the head straight and level while you type, take notes, or do anything that needs two hands!

It's not just black and white anymore!

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  • Verda Beers with Rest-a-Phone
  • Police Officer with Rest-A-Phone
  • Gentleman with Rest-A-Phone


Does the rest fit cell phones?

Unlikely to fit modern cell phones or smart phones.

Will it work for cordless phones?

The strap that secures the Rest-a-Phone wraps around the hand piece. It may obscure buttons and may not be long enough to wrap around a wide cordless hand piece.

Uh-oh, I can't find my instructions!

That's alright, we can email you a PDF of the assembly instructions or you can click here to head over to our Instruction page.

I need to remove the rest from my handset